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JEA Total Water Management Project-River Crossing
“The Floridan aquifer is probably Jacksonville's most important natural resource.”
Greg Corcoran
JEA Project Coordinator
Bryan Bedell
Division Leader, Water

JEA Total Water Management Project-River Crossing

Meeting growing water demand and protecting resources.
JEA wanted to sustain the Floridan Aquifer for future generations, while continuing to serve the growing potable water needs of Jacksonville residents. This second segment of a multi-phased project would present unique technical and logistical concerns. JEA tapped Haskell—a proven partner—to accomplish the task.
JEA relied on Haskell to overcome project challenges.
Running a pipeline 100 feet below the St. Johns River surface required specialized skills and materials. Manufacturing 6,500 linear feet of thirty-six-inch diameter steel piping and a horizontal directional drill—under the river—would require assembling a team of industry experts. All the resources needed to be organized, scheduled and coordinated to minimize impact on city residents. 

A successful project requires attention to detail.
JEA reduced both risk and costs. Haskell's project management expertise allowed for smooth coordination with the Florida Department of Transportation and environmental permitting agencies. With Haskell's assistance in executing a well-defined plan, JEA accomplished their goals and completed the project segment three weeks early.
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
The project also included a jack and bore crossing under a major city highway.

The project required 2.2 million pounds of pipe.

Haskell subcontracted Michels Corporation to perform one of the largest horizontal directional drill projects on record. 

Delivery Method

Jacobs Engineering

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Start Date
May 2012

Completion Date
February 2013

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