Project Profile
Consolidated Stores Southeast Distribution Centers
Matt Gulden
Division Leader, Consumer Products

Consolidated Stores Southeast Distribution Centers

A client needs two buildings and no disruption to business operations.
Consolidated Stores Corporation knew it would be difficult to expand their Alabama distribution center by 1.3 million square feet without impacting operations. So they turned to the company that could successfully manage two simultaneous project teams and demanding projects on the 174-acre campus: Haskell.
Phased delivery provides faster access for interior upfitting.
The client avoided start-up lag time through phased-building occupancy of an existing facility expansion and new facility construction. Haskell’s self-performance of fabrication on both sites reduced material wait times and design delays allowing equipment installation and racking to begin four months before the project was complete.
Our resources and expertise mitigated risks.
Haskell had the resources to utilize two efficient and experienced project teams. The 462,000-square-foot addition involved teams with steel construction proficiency while the new 830,000-square-foot structure took advantage of Haskell’s tilt-up construction expertise. In less than 12 months, Consolidated Stores Corporation’s distribution center was larger, more effective and working harder than ever.
Montgomery, Alabama, USA
Nearly 1.3 million square feet of improvements on a 174-acre campus.
462,000-square-foot addition to an existing facility.
830,000-square-foot newly constructed tilt-up concrete structure.

Start Date
August 1997

Completion Date
August 1998

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