Project Profile
Digital Video Arts Production Center
“My partners and I cannot adequately express how pleased we are with the results.”
Britt McTammany
Vice President and Director of Graphics and Sound Design, Digital Video Arts Production Center
Don Kartzmark
Division Leader, General Commercial

Digital Video Arts Production Center

We explored creatively and discovered value quickly.
The design-build process of this 15,000-square-foot office building began with deep exploration alongside our client Digital Video Arts. We evaluated ideas during the pre-construction phase to prevent costly changes as much as possible later in the project as well as to craft the right facility to meet their needs.
Deep collaboration enhanced aesthetics and improved function.
We created a floor plan to support the process of product development, taking production house clients on a journey from concept to completion. Aesthetic exterior elements were equally important from landscaping to the structural concrete tilt-up panels. In fact, Haskell applied for and was granted a deviation on local zoning requirements for building parking. With less asphalt, more funds were allotted to site beautification and landscaping to boost the site’s appearance within the community. 
Bringing outside, in.
With the site’s location near a wildlife preserve, the client had a unique opportunity to capture unparalleled vistas and views. Building visitors can experience the building uninterrupted from outside through the building and into the surrounding wildlife preserve. For a client where attention to detail is of primary importance, we were proud to deliver a beautiful building that’s both high performance and highly appealing.
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
15,000-square-foot customized office building for full-service audiovisual and post production company.

Collaborative innovation led to a high-function floor plan and aesthetic exterior elements.

Applied for and granted zoning deviation from parking requirements. The parking surfaces cost less, used less asphalt and freed money to add to landscape design and development.

Start Date
July 2007

Completion Date
February 2008

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