Project Profile
Mountain View High School Campus
Charlie Rocheleau
Division Leader, Education

Mountain View High School Campus

We designed a campus for a vastly diverse student body.
Mountain View High School isn’t an ordinary high school. There, students can pursue culinary arts and cosmetology curriculum as well as earn college credits through an International Baccalaureate program. 
We built a place for students to learn, explore and grow.
The shared 150-acre campus is home to a two-story high school with 1,800 student stations and integrated wireless throughout, sports fields and a football and soccer complex as well as a field hockey and lacrosse complex.
The design-build project scored several firsts.
Beyond creating an educational home for 1,800 students, the project also marked several key milestones. It was the first high school in the state to be awarded and constructed utilizing the Public Private Education Act. It was also the first Stafford County Public School to be built incorporating wireless technology.
Stafford, Virginia, USA
Shared 150-acre campus including 255,000 square foot wireless high school, sports fields and two sports complexes.

First Virginia high school awarded and constructed utilizing the Public Private Education Act.

Start Date
December 2003

Completion Date
June 2005

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