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Pembroke Pines Academic Village
“I would recommend Haskell to any organization, company or municipality for the integrity, value and proficiency this company exemplifies.”
Alex G. Fekete
Former Mayor, City of Pembroke Pines
Charlie Rocheleau
Division Leader, Education

Pembroke Pines Academic Village

A hurricane boosts a local population and stresses the school system.
After Pembroke Pines recovered from Hurricane Andrew, it had a new problem. Residents fled the decimated area to the south for the already-full Broward County. With the local school board unable to accommodate growth, city leadership — in collaboration with Haskell — set about designing and building a system of city owned charter schools. The plan was for a true academic village and incorporated a public library and college satellite campus.
We created an environment of learning and recreation.
The solution was a picturesque 75-acre, 254,000-square-foot academic campus with 1,462 student stations. The project also included a 54,000-square-foot Broward Community College satellite campus and 90,000-square-foot Broward County Regional Library. Other improvements included an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a 2.5 million gallon water storage tank, a 15-acre environmental park and 1,000 surface parking spaces.
The program has proved very successful for the city and students.
The village today is a master planned campus that spans pre-school through university education with 5,600 student stations. Operated by the City, the program consistently has a thousands-deep waiting list. There are so many applicants, in fact, the city conducts a lottery to award the coveted slots.
Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA
Academic village with 54,000-square-foot student high school, 54,000-square-foot college satellite campus and 90,000-square-foot library.
Preschool through university system of 5,600 student stations.
Local Award of Merit – Associated Builders & Contractors 2001


Start Date
May 1999

Completion Date
August 2000

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