Project Profile
Spirit AeroSystems Composite Center
“Haskell continually showed innovation in approach and design to minimize cost and accelerate schedule. In dealing with emergent requirements, Haskell displayed a “find a way” attitude to meet these demands.”
Ron Redford
Facilities Senior Manager, Spirit AeroSystems
Lynn Huff
Director of Business Development, Industrial

Spirit AeroSystems Composite Center

An aero structures manufacturer requires expansive scale.
When Spirit AeroSystems tapped Haskell to create a facility in which they would manufacture massive structural composite aircraft components for the Airbus A-350, key project details were still under development. One variable that was already clear? This 625,000-square-foot facility would house one of the world’s biggest autoclave units.

Our flexible design adapted to emerging requirements.
Along with the autoclave, the LEED certified plant would hold two clean rooms totaling 170,000 square feet, all cleaned and cooled by more than 3,000 tons of chillers, cooling towers and humidification systems. The structural framed building and its insulated metal panel envelope were fully environmentally controlled and required extensive plumbing, gas and electrical requirements.

The successful facility is already primed for growth.
Integrated design-build delivery allowed design and construction teams to meet known and emergent requirements, maintain aggressive schedules and restrain the project budget. The well-planned structure would also easily support future expansions.

Green Features

  • LEED® Silver Certified – 33 points
  • Master Planned for Growth – Building and airport runway properly aligned; Accommodates utility disruptions due to expansions; Additional loading capacities in foundations and structure.
  • Alternative Transportation – bicycle racks, showers, lockers, changing facilities, and preferred parking for high efficiency vehicles.
  • Heat Island Effect – Light colored roofing and concrete paving improve microclimate.
  • Exterior Lighting – Sharp cut-off luminaire designs eliminate light trespass onto adjacent properties.
  • Water Conservation – The facility utilizes an irrigation system that reduces potable water consumption by 60.1% and low-flow urinals and lavatories that reduced potable water use by 33.3%.
  • Energy Savings – High efficiency HVAC equipment, increased insulation, motion sensor lighting, and efficient motors produced and estimated energy cost savings of 14.9%.
  • Materials – Recycled over 90% of construction waste. 40% of building materials came from recycled content. Over 44% of building content came from local (within 500 miles) materials.
  • Indoor Environment – Low volatile organic compounds (VOC's) used in adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, carpet and flooring.
LEED Silver CertifiedLEED® Silver Certified
Kinston, North Carolina, USA
315-acre master planned site contains 625,200-square-foot, single-story structure with a 42’ clear height.

Facility is fully environmentally controlled.

Utilized recycled or local materials for nearly 50 percent of building content.

Excellence in Construction Award – Associated Builders and Contractors 2010

Start Date
October 2008

Completion Date
August 2010

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