Project Profile
The Villages High School
“In my 28 year career in education, I have never had a better overall experience than we received with Haskell.”
Randy G. McDaniel, EdD
Director of Education, The Villages
Charlie Rocheleau
Division Leader, Education

The Villages High School

A community understands the value of quality schools for employees and their families.
The Villages established itself as an extraordinary retirement community. There, residents enjoy the convenience of many everyday necessities located within the community. That means having a professional workforce — often with families — in an isolated area. When the community wanted to build a top-flight school system for employees’ children, they called Haskell.
We created vanguard educational facilities to match the community’s exceeding standards.
For The Villages’ unique charter-modeled school system, we designed and built an 89,000-square-foot, 200-student station high school. The high school’s collegiate feel inspires learning and satisfies working parents. Haskell delivered the school — and in less than a year — prepared for growth, enabling the surrounding community to grow as well.
The Villages has turned to Haskell for multiple facility solutions.
The project was the seventh completed by Haskell for the community. Features such as in-laid brick in tilt-wall panels and composite steel and concrete floor systems exemplify the type of construction Haskell has become known for delivering. Now attracting and retaining employees is easier with an effective, onsite educational program.
The Villages, Florida, USA
89,000-square-foot, 200-student station high school.
The top-flight charter school serves the workforce of The Villages.
National Achievement Award – Tilt-Up Concrete Association 2005

Start Date
September 2002

Completion Date
July 2003

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