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Twenty-Nine Palms Marine Corps Exchange
“They are outstanding in managing schedules, meeting contractual obligations and exceeding customer expectations.”
Joseph McLoughlin
Construction Program Manager, USMC MRD Personal and Family Readiness Division
Mark Higby
Senior Vice President, Government

Twenty-Nine Palms Marine Corps Exchange

A California military command center is nearly 50 miles from the closest retail hub.
Marine Corps Air Ground Command Center Twenty-Nine Palms is remote. So remote military families would have to drive nearly 50 miles to Yucca Valley for one-stop shopping. Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) asked Haskell to create a building capable of housing a department store stocked with a large variety of goods; a convenience store with a walk-in beverage section, barbershop, Starbucks®, GNC® and other vendor spaces plus a multi-choice food court. An all in one, easy-to-use facility that was environmentally responsible.
We made shopping convenient and provided more choices for stationed families.
Our solution was a 136,000-square-foot MCX that brings one-stop shopping to the remote command center. The large, open-floor concept provides an organized and welcoming shopping space. The building exterior, which integrates well with the surrounding desert site location and grounds, incorporates family-friendly walkways that link to an adjacent park and recreation area. The new MCS is truly a consumer’s shopping paradise.  Incorporating all of this into a single facility with many restrictive standards was quite an accomplishment. 
Earth-friendly features offer tangible benefits.
The LEED® Gold certified facility incorporated sustainable strategies and features that minimize energy consumption, conserve resources, avoid adverse environmental effects, provide occupant comfort and reduce total cost of ownership through a whole building, life-cycle approach. One of the most notable features — invisible to shoppers — is the rooftop photovoltaic system. Converted solar energy generates 12.5 percent of the facility’s energy requirements.

Green Features

  • LEED® Gold Certified – 41 points (v2.2). Exceeded contractual requirement for LEED Silver Certification.
  • Photovoltaic System (BiPV) – Rooftop system generates 12.5 percent of facility power.
  • Materials – 23 percent of building materials came from recycled sources, and 20 percent were produced regionally. Diverted over 90 percent of construction waste from landfills.
  • Water Conservation – 40 percent reduction in building water use; 62 percent reduction for irrigation.
  • Green Asphalt – reduces emissions, particulates, and greenhouse gasses.
LEED Gold CertifiedLEED® Gold Certified
Twenty-Nine Palms, California, USA
136,000-square-foot Main Store exchange serving the world’s largest Marine Corps base.
Completed ahead of schedule.

Improves the Quality of Life of Marines, Sailors, retirees and their families.

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