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U.S. Coast Guard Boat Maintenance Facility
Mark Higby
Senior Vice President, Government

U.S. Coast Guard Boat Maintenance Facility

A military facility destroyed by fire is back in service.
Boat maintenance is a perpetual activity for the U.S. Coast Guard. When fire destroyed a key boat maintenance facility, operations were in full swing and needed to stay up to speed. Haskell was challenged with the task of blending the replacement facility with the eighty-year-old historically significant Station Headquarters and creating a structure that could withstand the harsh winters and destructive seaside environment.
Construction practices were nesting bird and workplace friendly.
Construction safely and quickly proceeded on the 10,000-square foot maintenance facility and new boat ramp alongside ongoing operations and despite noise and activity limits due to endangered bird nesting. Haskell successfully navigated regulations in place to protect the species without disrupting the construction timeline.
We delivered on every facet including LEED Silver sustainability.
The successful project was a partnership from day one. We prepared several long-lead pricing packages to expedite construction. The facility fully complied with State Historic Preservation guidelines and has won their praises for its design. The avian nesting season continued without interruption, as did busy Coast Guard operations.

Green Features

LEED® Silver Certified
LEED Silver CertifiedLEED® Silver Certified
Eaton's Neck, New York, USA
10,000-square-foot boat maintenance facility and boat ramp.
Historic and environmental challenges.

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