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CHP Energy Solution: Deliver Tall ROI & Short Payback

CHP Energy Solution: Deliver Tall ROI & Short Payback

A leading paper manufacturer wanted to drive sustainability and reduce operational costs using this approach. They selected Haskell to evaluate their steam load and energy consumption for their tissue machines and design a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution.

City of Warner Robins Saves Millions

Haskell delivered a 12 MGD capacity plant over $20 million under the original estimated cost.

Smart-Size It!

You’re looking into warehouse automation and you’ve already decided that an ASRS system is the way to go.

Go Reconfigure

When the longshoremen at the Port of Los Angeles threatened to strike, many across the U.S. were taken aback.

Speed Up Packer

Engineers from manufacturing companies get a mandate: increase capacity 20-25% – more high-demand product out the door.

Lean for High-Speed Manufacturing

High-speed production lines can support Lean ideals. But it’s not easy to translate into high-speed production.

Starving Packer

Engineers at a large consumer packaging company believe they have an intractable code problem with a laner.

Reasonable Conclusions vs. Real Insight

The scientific method is often mischaracterized as a static, linear process.

Winning the Startup Game

Have you ever compared commissioning and start-up to a game strategy? Perhaps you should. Start-up success starts with effective project management.

Rebuild an Old Line

Time is tight. Equipment is dated. Floor space is at a premium.