Case Study: Old Line, New Life

Accumulation strategy provides dramatic and surprising results.
Early engineering guides effective design.
When a premier beverage brand needed to update and old line, it was such a jigsaw puzzle they turned to Haskell to be certain the rebuilt line performed well and quickly. One thing already certain was that a new, lightning-fast high capacity filler demanded that the system add accumulation somewhere. The question was where?
Simulation helps evaluate and select optimum design.
With many possible design options, the team decided to create a simulation model of the line to test accumulation strategies at different points. The winning model placed accumulation between the filler and an overcapper, a position that would optimize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and achieve quality targets. 
Emulation models can drive steep startup curves.
With the design issues settled, an emulation model of the line was created to test and validate controls prior to startup.These steps helped reduce startup pressure and drive early production. The model can also be used to train operators.


Rebuild an Old Line
Keith Perkey
Vice President