Case Study: Virtual Pre-Integration

Advanced tools bring successful packaging solutions on fast-track timelines.
A new consumer goods line on an ultra-tight timeline.
Taking a consumer goods production line off-line even for a temporary upgrade is no small matter. When one of the world’s largest producers needed to modify and relocate an existing production line under stringent time constraints, they turned to Haskell. With time at a premium, the team opted for virtual pre-integration and control commissioning for the new line to get it up and running within two weeks of shut down.
Emulation speeds line development and debugging.
The team began by using the existing line as a base. Simulation development began in earnest after the team carefully audited the previous line’s performance, layout and other key issues. Using proprietary emulation models, control engineers validated the system’s custom code using a 3-D simulation of the line. Control  engineers executed and debugged modified PLC and HMI programs prior to onsite commissioning.
Production races ahead of the projected start-up curve.
With the benefit of emulation and systems analytics, the line was up and running not just on time, but also ahead of the projected start-up curve. The old line and software had been relocated and improved with new equipment.  A process normally slated for two to four weeks had been achieved in only two days with great success. Most important, our client met their business objective of having the entire system back online quickly. 


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Keith Perkey
Vice President