Subcontractor Forms

All subcontractors and vendors should contact the appropriate Project Manager to coordinate all required project paperwork.

Additional Insured Endorsement List

These forms are provided by your insurance carrier, and often take more time to obtain than a certificate of insurance.
19.4 kB PDF

Certificate of Insurance (Sample)

Sample of standard Accord certificate available from your insurance agent.
519 kB PDF

Final Waiver & Release of Bond

Waiver of right to claim against the payment bond upon final payment.
20 kB PDF

Final Waiver & Release of Lien

Required from each subcontractor, sub-subcontractor and sub-supplier prior to releasing final retainage.
19.8 kB PDF

Final Warranty

Provided by subcontractor prior to release of retainage. Major subcontracts only.
177 kB PDF

How to Get Paid

Summary of payment process for Haskell subcontractors. Your payment will not be issued unless all requirements are met.
20 kB PDF

Partial Waiver Release of Bond

Waiver of right to claim against the payment bond upon progress payments.
20 kB PDF

Progress Payment Waiver & Release of Lien

Required monthly from all sub-subcontractors and sub-suppliers who filed a Notice to Owner with Haskell. This example is specific to Florida; a different form may be required for your state.
19.8 kB PDF

Schedule of Insurance Requirements

Types of Insurance and amounts required for each type of contract.
57 kB PDF

Project Safety Orientation Administrator Guide

All contractor personnel performing work on Haskell projects will be required to complete this web-based safety orientation/training course before entering the jobsite.
676 kB PDF

Project Safety Orientation User Guide

Utilize the Administrator Guide to register a company, and the User Guide to register individual employees.
712 kB PDF

Subcontractor’s Requisition for Payment

This form must be submitted by subcontractors by the 25th of each month to receive requisition payments.
32 kB PDF

W-9 Taxpayer Identification Number

Must be provided in order to enter your company in Haskell accounting system. Required for both suppliers and subcontractors.
117 kB PDF