Why Haskell?

When it comes to capital projects, nothing should be left to chance. Especially your success.
We reduce your project risk.
Navigating growth is a struggle for every organization. That’s why our focus is much broader than simply winning a contract. We excel most when crafting facility and manufacturing system solutions that achieve maximum performance while limiting associated risk. 

We deliver success.
We embrace our client’s initiatives as our own and respond with work that is inspired, strategic, cost-effective and well executed, ensuring that you achieve your objectives.

We’re green.
Our team of 109 LEED® accredited professionals has produced a sustainable project portfolio in excess of $1.1 billion.

Our services address your entire facility.
For decades, we’ve led the industry with facility design-build. We now leverage that expertise with complete systems design and integration of manufacturing and processing systems. We address the facility, as well as the process, packaging and material handling systems inside, providing full Engineer, Procure and Construct(EPC)services that result in a complete, reliable manufacturing solution.

You can be certain we’ve solved a problem like yours.
We’ve completed more than 2000 projects in a wide variety of markets, both domestic and international.

You can trust our track record.
Our client-centered approach has earned the respect and loyalty of leading corporations and organizations for nearly 50 years. 

We get it right.
A longstanding history of not just finding a solution, but finding the right solution, is how we meet project objectives in spite of every challenge that comes to pass. 

We’re innovators.
We look at projects through our client’s lens and suggest the project delivery method that will best achieve their expected outcome.

Our work has been widely recognized and awarded.
Investigate our rankings from respected publications and industry organizations.


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